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Data Visualization Services

Assess all of your business’s important functions by analyzing and visualizing data.

Data Visualization Services

Assess all of your business’s important functions by analyzing and visualizing data.

Tableau Analytics & Consulting

We help you to extract the greatest value from your data with robust Tableau services.

Leveraging Tableau insights
to meet your business

Access, analysis, and comprehension of heterogeneous data are vital to organizations. Stretch 365 is an expert Tableau development company that will help you examine your data requirements and create an actionable plan for success. By doing so, your organization gains valuable insights. Additionally, you are provided with a visually interactive dashboard design that simplifies the process of understanding and interpreting the data and enabling you to make crucial business decisions.

Data transformation with our Tableau expertise

Data visualization

With our help, your data can be presented in a comprehensive, graphical format to make it easier to interact with.

Data management

Tableau experts assist you with data preparation, cataloguing, searching, and governance so you can build a solid analytics engine.

Analytical skills

Discover the power of data analytics to glean actionable insights.

Develop smart dashboards

Develop dynamic, interactive reports and dashboards for deeper analysis and insight.

Machine intelligence

Integrated statistical analysis, an intuitive interface, and a powerful back end.

Preparation of data

The ability to integrate, transform, and understand heterogeneous data into a single interface.

Discover Tableau's best-of-class visual analytics products

Tableau Desktop

You can use Tableau Desktop to create interactive dashboards and visual analytics tools to gain instant actionable insights. Our team helps you connect it to your data on-premises and in the cloud. Utilize the Tableau dashboard for desktop to easily understand your data and make informed decisions.

Tableau Prep

The Tableau Prep tool combines, shapes, and cleans your raw data to support better analysis. No matter how many data rows are in your database, we help you combine it without writing code so that you receive results immediately.

Tableau Online

Business intelligence is easier and faster with Tableau Online for enterprises. We provide an online hosting service so that you can easily share and collaborate data with your teams, partners, and customers. Additionally, our experts help you access your files from any mobile app or browser.

Tableau Server

When you upgrade to Tableau Server, you’ll have complete control over the servers. Our services include setting up dashboards using Tableau Desktop, sharing files across your organization with Tableau Server and enabling quick access to data for your business.

our interactive dashboards

Review of orders

Dashboards in Tableau provide information such as city-based orders, order types and subcategories, and individual item sales – allowing the sales team to respond quickly to a subcategory in a particular city.

Analyzing call centre activity

Real-time monitoring of a call centre. With total calls, abandon rate, agent performance, and agent satisfaction scores, managers can get clear, concise, and valuable information about a centre’s performance.

Gross sales and profit

With a statewide profit and performance analysis, sales teams can identify trends and opportunities, adapt to market conditions, and take purposeful actions based on this data.

Selling season

With Tableau, you can combine sales, profit, orders and monthly trends into smart dashboards with subcategories and quarter-by-quarter heatmaps to take action based on objective data.

Customer research

By combining data sources into dashboards, Tableau dashboards help you understand the number of customers in different regions, sales per customer, customer ranking based on profit ratio, and more.

Salesforce and Tableau: Combine the best of both worlds

  • Increase visibility through Tableau integration with Salesforce
  • Put Einstein Analytics to the test with your Salesforce workflow
  • Make the most of rich customer data throughout your organization
  • Provide secure and customized views of data throughout your internal departments
  • Connect and create data-rich dashboards to speed up your decision-making process

Make Tableau the engine that drives your SAP products

  • Improve user experience and insight by identifying and visualizing trends with SAP data
  • Augment the content delivered by SAP in advance
  • Design dashboards and reports for targeted audiences
  • Generating a wide range of graph types with third-party database systems

With Tableau, your business has access to:

We have remarkable solutions for all your business problems.

We combine sophisticated technology solutions with an innovative approach to deliver success.

Integrate data sources

Our goal is to identify the most critical data sets, determine their format, identify their complexity, and prepare for their collection and processing.

Create dashboards

We will walk you through the Tableau interface and explain how to use charting tools both in the cloud and on the desktop to create interactive reports from anywhere.

Discover more insights

Give your decision-makers access to valuable business insight by integrating with your existing enterprise systems.

Jumpstart your Tableau experience with us!

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