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Azure Sphere

Develop and integrate AI-based chatbots to streamline your business interactions.

Azure Sphere by Microsoft

Creating intelligent, highly-secured solutions with a powerful IoT suite.

Secure your IoT end-to-end with Azure Sphere

Create chatbots with capabilities of machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics, and automation to modernize the way businesses interact with customers.

Globally, enterprises are investing billions each year in data security due to concerns about privacy, identity management, and data loss prevention. The development of microcontroller-based devices (MCUs) increases the risk of security breaches and digital risks in the world. Azure Sphere, a Microsoft offering, is a set of operating systems, cloud services, and hardware, which prevents cyberattacks against IoT devices.

The technology stack aims to address IoT security end-to-end from three different perspectives:

Microsoft Azure Sphere delivers a comprehensive security solution that extends from the hardware to the cloud, proactively protecting, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity threats. Azure Sphere devices do not need to be integrated with Azure IoT platform services. The platform can be used with other clouds like AWS or Google Cloud.

Azure Sphere is built on three elements that work in harmony to deliver the most reliable IoT ecosystem.

Microcontrollers (MCUs) certified for Azure Sphere.

With Microsoft security technology and integrated connectivity, these new microcontroller combines a real-time processor and an application processor.

Azure Sphere OS

IoT platforms such as Azure Sphere OS provide unparalleled agility and a multi-layer security approach that creates a highly secure software environment.

Microsoft Azure Sphere Security Services

A custom Linux kernel is included in the OS, which in addition to protecting devices, facilitates device-to-device communications and device-to-cloud communication in a certified manner.

Task fields typically encountered

Azure Sphere Microcontroller

  • Peripheral integration (GPIO, UART)
  • Integration with Azure IoT Hub
  • Connectivity to existing services
  • (In C) Device logic development

EMS and serial production

  • Providing in-factory bulk supplies
  • Device claims in mass
  • General delivery (“landed delivery”)
  • Line-ending testing
  • In-circuit testing

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Microcontroller Azure Sphere from Microsoft is more than just a tiny device. It. has a whole set of capabilities behind it

We can help you maximize its benefits:

Integration of Azure Sphere

As your partner, we'll assist you in implementing Azure Sphere and preparing for mass production.

Create a series production

As part of our series production services, we perform bulk in-factory provisioning, device provisioning services (through Azure IoT Hub), cluster device claiming and locking down, and end-of-line and in-circuit testing.

Azure IoT by Microsoft

Our services and consultations are world-class because we are Microsoft Gold Partners for Azure IoT and a Microsoft Red Carpet Partner for Microsoft Azure Sphere.

Consultancy services related to security

We place a high priority on security. A dedicated team of security consultants will assist you in addressing infrastructure and network security requirements to ensure your assets stay away from security vulnerabilities.


Improve employees' access to accurate information about processes and production levels without logging into enterprise systems.


Automates underwriting, property, health, and healthcare advisory and claim management.


Send offer alerts to your customers, collect customer feedback, help them choose the right product etc.

We ensure high security of devices in the following ways:

The hardware-based root of trust

Installing physical countermeasures against side-channel attacks can help protect the security of device hardware.  Our hardware can be configured securely and safely to implement software with rich functionality.

A small base of trusted computing

Keeping the trusted computing base small minimises the risk of being attacked and creates a safe and secure environment for operations.


Certifications of authenticity

Certificates should be used instead of passwords. During communication with other local devices, certificates are given a unique identity key for mutual authentication.

Renewal of security

We offer renewable security for updating a device to a more secure state automatically. This technology prevents a device from reverting to a known vulnerable state.

Reporting failures

Our failure analysis system automatically gathers and sends a failure report to the system as soon as it occurs. Data from this system is then comtoder to understand similar root causes.

Azure App Service

You can develop web and mobile apps with Azure app service for a variety of platforms and devices. Azure handles your infrastructure so that your applications can run and scale. This augments hosting websites and web applications.

Cosmos DB

The CosmosDB service is accessible via the Azure Cloud and is a high-performance document database. The global, distributed, modular, multi-model, multi-API database is scalable, low-latency, linearly scalable, horizontally scalable, completely managed, and versatile.

Azure SQL

As a cloud-computing database service, Azure SQL Database is available through the Microsoft Azure Platform. This service allows users to access an interactive SQL database from the cloud. There is no need to install any hardware or software.

We offer a 5-step adoption process for cloud computing.

Review of orders

Dashboards in Tableau provide information such as city-based orders, order types and subcategories, and individual item sales – allowing the sales team to respond quickly to a subcategory in a particular city.

Analyzing call centre activity

Real-time monitoring of a call centre. With total calls, abandon rate, agent performance, and agent satisfaction scores, managers can get clear, concise, and valuable information about a centre’s performance.

Gross sales and profit

With a statewide profit and performance analysis, sales teams can identify trends and opportunities, adapt to market conditions, and take purposeful actions based on this data.

Selling season

With Tableau, you can combine sales, profit, orders and monthly trends into smart dashboards with subcategories and quarter-by-quarter heatmaps to take action based on objective data.

Customer research

By combining data sources into dashboards, Tableau dashboards help you understand the number of customers in different regions, sales per customer, customer ranking based on profit ratio, and more.