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Develop and integrate AI-based chatbots to streamline your business interactions.

Services for Dynamics 365

Transform your business by gaining greater visibility and automating every aspect with Dynamic 365

D365 services let you control business more efficiently, enhanced intelligence, and bolster flexibility!

Create chatbots with capabilities of machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics, and automation to modernize the way businesses interact with customers.

Stretch 365 offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 services to help your organisation achieve increased agility, lessen operating costs, have higher efficiency, and grow in various ways. With our suite of comprehensive services, we can meet all your digital transformation goals. With our flexible and customer-driven approach, we will ensure t get a Dynamics 365 solution tailored for your business and set it apart from the competition.

Choose from a wide range of Dynamic 365 modules.

Engage your audience across multiple channels to deliver great conversational experiences


Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales can optimise sales performance by automating the sales process and enabling smarter selling with contextual AI.

Customer Support

Improve customer service, sales conversions, and customer loyalty through D365 customer service.

In-Field Service

Empower your technicians to perform on-site fixes the first time, resolve issues proactively, and schedule visits in a smart manner with Dynamics 365 Field Service.


By integrating physical and digital stores, identifying customer preferences and behaviours, you can create a seamless and personalised e-commerce experience that spans across channels.

Use Dynamics 365 to reap the benefits listed below:

Microsoft Bot Framework – perfect for building enterprise bots

There are ten channels supported by Microsoft, including Direct Line (which provides an API to connect your application with the bot). Therefore, the framework is a great choice for enterprise bots that need to be deployed across multiple channels quickly. You can access these channels:

The use of chatbots in various business verticals

Human resources

Improve the recruiting, onboarding, employee training and employee queries process by simplifying and personalizing the HR process.

Sales & marketing

It helps with scheduling meetings and calls automatically, answering prospects’ questions, providing contextual responses, and more.

Supply chain

Real-time shipping accuracy updates, resolution of customer questions regarding delivery delays, and simplified claims processing.

Customer service

Improve customer service operations by reducing customer wait times, transferring agents, and solving issues faster.

Workplace productivity

Enhance employee productivity by helping them handle daily tasks more effectively, improving internal processes.

Content search

Assist users with a plethora of products and services, such as personalized recommendations, customer support, product information, instant Q&A, etc.

Gallery of our interactive dashboards

Review of orders

Dashboards in Tableau provide information such as city-based orders, order types and subcategories, and individual item sales – allowing the sales team to respond quickly to a subcategory in a particular city.

Analyzing call centre activity

Real-time monitoring of a call centre. With total calls, abandon rate, agent performance, and agent satisfaction scores, managers can get clear, concise, and valuable information about a centre’s performance.

Gross sales and profit

With a statewide profit and performance analysis, sales teams can identify trends and opportunities, adapt to market conditions, and take purposeful actions based on this data.

Selling season

With Tableau, you can combine sales, profit, orders and monthly trends into smart dashboards with subcategories and quarter-by-quarter heatmaps to take action based on objective data.

Customer research

By combining data sources into dashboards, Tableau dashboards help you understand the number of customers in different regions, sales per customer, customer ranking based on profit ratio, and more.