Stretch 365

Power platform

Develop and integrate AI-based chatbots to streamline your business interactions.

Consultants for Microsoft Power Platforms

Boost your business performance by delivering self-service innovations.

Focus on growing your business while we build low-code applications using Microsoft Power Platform

Create chatbots with capabilities of machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics, and automation to modernize the way businesses interact with customers.

Microsoft Power Platform offers developers an extremely flexible and user-friendly platform to build sophisticated and customised business solutions. Using the comprehensive Microsoft Power Platform – PowerApps, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate, Stretch 365 develops interactive and customised business applications rapidly. With our help, enterprises can harness the power of technology like the Microsoft Power Platform to deliver greater value to their customers.

Integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and numerous other standalone applications, the Microsoft Power Platform provides an end-to-end business solution.

Consulting services for Microsoft's Power Platform

We can help you maximize its benefits:


To help align your business processes with modern digital trends, we can build cutting-edge applications and workflows.


Our team brainstorms, develop, deploys, and integrates custom web or mobile applications according to your business requirements.


We design a project plan, select the right technology mix, customise, integrate, and develop methods to meet all your requirements.


Through the integration of databases, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and other third-party services, we can extend your business capabilities.


We help you use MS Power Platform to get insights from your data and automate your business processes with thorough training.

What makes Stretch 365 your perfect partner for MS Power Platformss

Centre of Excellence

At Stretch 365 we understand that industrialising Power Platforms can seem like a mammoth task. We have helped organisations build streamlined processes, engagement front doors, delivery models, support models and have pre-canned apps & workflows to manage your demand pipelines. We can help you get set up in no time.

Modernisation of applications

Develop platforms and activities that connect data scattered across legacy systems for security, scalability, and efficiency.

Operational automation

Provide unified business insights to employees and automate processes across apps

360-degree visibility

Gain the power of cross-functional apps and data to enable your business to scale up by making informed and opportune decisions.

Integrating clouds

Use cloud-based services of Azure to integrate and migrate all applications to the secure cloud platform for more stability, security, and scalability.

Workplace digitisation

Provide tools to enable employees to collaborate, be mobile, and comply with regulations while optimising business processes.