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Power BI

Develop and integrate AI-based chatbots to streamline your business interactions.

A new and improved
experience in BI

In today's data-intensive world, business intelligence is fundamental to success. The power BI development team at Stretch 365 helps organizations discover insights hidden in their data and provide enhanced learning opportunities.

Our Knowledge of Power BI


Our Power BI consultants guide you through the entire process, from creating a roadmap to strategizing a data plan to evaluating and implementing a modern BI platform for your business.


Through our Power BI integration services, you get access to diverse data sources, enhance data exploration, and gain insight from your data.

Dashboard development

We develop interactive reports and customized dashboards to help our customers make quick, savvy decisions about their business.

An embedded Power BI solution

Embedding Power BI in our services will give you interactive reporting capabilities. Using this functionality, you can integrate Power BI reports with your existing systems such as CRM, ERP, and others.

Analyses of advanced technologies

We are able to assist with advanced data analytics by integrating R and Python scripts into PowerBI. Using this, you can visualize machine learning capabilities so you can utilize your data more effectively.

Workshop on data analytics

With the assistance of our certified Power BI experts, your organization will learn how data analytics can help you realize your business goals.

Get the most out of Power BI with our consulting services.

  • Obtain data from multiple sources
  • Information visualization and analytics
  • Machine learning with R scripts
  • In-depth reports and dashboards
  • Services for the Power BI integration
  • Consulting services for Power BI onshore
  • Visualize, analyze, and transform data with Power BI Desktop
  • Implement ETL operations using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Advancement and rapid analysis of large-scale, varied and fast-moving data priority

Use Power BI to implement best practices and accelerate success

  • Developments and improvements
  • Customization of dashboards
  • Embedded analytics and self-service
  • Deploying and governing data
  • Conversions and migrations
  • Maintainance and assistance

Program demonstrating Power BI's capabilities

Day 1: Introduction to Power BI

A walk through the elements of Power BI
We’ll outline the main features and benefits of Power BI in-depth throughout this presentation.

Finding data sources
We assist you in identifying critical datasets, determining their formats, and determining their complexity. Next, we discuss a further analysis of data through ingestion and processing.

Day 2-3: Create dashboards and connect data sources

Develop a data strategy
Our data experts will strategize a plan to determine the ideal representation of the identified datasets, which will help you create the desired reports.

Build engaging dashboards and reports
We will train you on designing dashboards that will allow you to quickly obtain all of the information you require for better decision making.

Day 4-5: Identify additional insights

Implementation – Our solution integrates with your existing enterprise systems, giving access to business insights, sharing, and viewing across all devices.

Detailed roadmap – 
Our solution architects will develop a detailed plan for integrating Power BI into your entire organization following the deployment.

Our interactive dashboards

Intelligent retailing

We provide an insight into peak hours traffic and monthly footfall as well as beacon-based interactions with customers

Monitoring dashboard for IoT

An interactive real-time dashboard that displays the number of IoT devices and API calls along with their states

Efficient fleet management

An actionable dashboard that measures driving behaviour in real-time optimizes ETAs and improves routing.

Smart facility

Gain real-time insight into your building with Power BI dashboard reporting. Remotely monitoring different equipment like HVAC systems, elevators, and more is possible for facility managers. In turn, this saves energy.

Automated sales reporting

Power BI tools, which analyze sales and profitability, help companies figure out the answers to their business questions and maximize sales profitability and efficiency.