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Azure Data Services

Develop and integrate AI-based chatbots to streamline your business interactions.

Azure Data Services

We provide a full suite of end-to-end solutions for customers who require a wide range of data-related services.

BotFather – Telegram's framework for interactions with big data

A bot’s interaction with the user and functionality can be easily implemented with the Telegram framework’s commands, APIs, and mechanisms. The BotFather allows users to control all the different bots available across multiple platforms. If you want to find information/documents in a central repository, but there is a large amount of data, Telegram is the perfect alternative.

Enhance personalized experiences with smart chatbots

Covid-19 is still battling it out with our customer service bots, which is perfect for providing close customer support. Get started with cognitive chatbots and start personalizing the user experience. A chatbot can be implemented in an enterprise environment to explain safety measures to customers and provide accurate information about health. Moreover, our chatbot developers can assist you in building AI-powered chatbots that offer medical advice and can detect Coronavirus symptoms.

" What a great team you have. What a great work ethic. I can only say thank you! "
Andi Lane
Quisque Tech
" Thanks also for all your help during the year – and to your Team who are always very responsive to our various requests!. "
Olive Mathews
Lorem Fund

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AI-based chatbot automation with ERP, ECM, and DMS systems

Azure Data Services enables smarter and accelerated innovation

Create chatbots with capabilities of machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics, and automation to modernize the way businesses interact with customers.

Data platforms and analytics must be leveraged to make sure organisations can manage the ever-growing amount of data. Our team at Stretch 365 is aware of the importance of data in today’s world, which is why we provide comprehensive Azure Data Services. We can modernise your technology stack with Azure Machine Learning, Azure Big Data and Analytics, Azure Databricks, and Azure Data Factory offerings.

The experts at our firm have a rich experience in Microsoft cloud-based solutions and services. The best-in-class features of Microsoft Azure Data Services will be available to you with deployment. All of your data management needs and analytics requirements can be met by our certified data solution architects.

A list of additional Azure data services

IBM’s platform gives you the capability to create a bot equipped with natural language understanding easily. It can create a chatbot that interacts with data in a conversational way to get answers you understand through data discovery, automated predictive analytics, and cognitive capabilities such as natural language. Through Watson’s Natural Language Processing framework, the text is analyzed to extract keywords, categories, entities, concepts, relations, and other meta-data about the content.

Azure Stream analytics

Using Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics, we allow organisations to examine large amounts of streaming data from various sources, such as devices, websites, and cloud applications. Businesses can use this technology to analyse data in real-time with greater reliability and efficiency. With the help of our trained data analyst experts, several businesses have implemented an end-to-end pipeline of streaming and analytical data with built-in machine learning capabilities that deliver valuable insights.

Azure data lake analytics

Analytical services for Azure Data Lake are part of Microsoft’s Azure Data Lake solution. By leveraging this data analytics service, we help enterprises analyse big data on-demand, develop parallel programs in R, Python, .NET and SQL, and process data on-demand. We combine Microsoft Azure Data Lake Analytics’ capabilities with our customers’ data to deliver powerful insights. It enables organisations to scale their jobs instantly and improve performance, throughput, and parallelisation.

Azure synapse analytics

The ability to use data to build agility and resilience is a necessity for businesses today. The Azure Synapse Analytics service at Stretch 365 allows businesses with big data analytics systems and Azure data warehouses to bring them together. The power of our data consultants allows clients to query at scale, gain valuable data insights, and rely on a unified analytics platform.

Events hubs

A hyper-scale, real-time big data ingestion service called Event Hubs allows data streams to be ingested, processed, and stored in a real-time dashboard for access to powerful data visualisation. This technology lets businesses collect, transform, and store millions of events derived from any IoT device. We provide enterprises with a unified streaming platform that enables multiple applications to process data streams simultaneously through Event Hubs. We also offer the ability to extract the data for archiving and streaming analysis in addition to sending and receiving events.

Azure HDInsights

With the Azure HDInsight service, businesses can store, analyse, and process a large amount of data at high speeds. The organisation’s analysts build big data apps using open-source frameworks like Kafka, Spark, Hadoop and others to gain holistic insights from data. Data-driven decisions allow businesses to make informed decisions, which prevents unexpected failures and ensures enterprise-grade security. Providing HDInsight makes it easier for our customers to oversee big data from a single platform.

You can maximise Azure's potential with our capabilities.

Azure Databricks

Using Databricks gives you access to Spark-based unified analytics powered by Azure. Through artificial intelligence, big data can be processed, managed and analysed in real-time. In addition to Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Storage, HDInsights, and SQL Data Warehouse are all flexible companion services. By utilising its capabilities, we assist organisations in developing cloud-native apps, transforming data in the cloud more quickly, developing smarter AI solutions, and building scalable streaming solutions. Insights gained from business data help our clients grow.

Azure Data Factory

The Azure Data Factory is a fully managed platform for integrating and migrating data on the cloud. Data can be transferred, centralised, stored, published, analysed, and monitored from various sources. The data-driven world we live in enables enterprises to simplify ELT/ETL processes at scale, develop reliable code-free pipelines and streamline CI/CD. With Azure Data Factory, modern businesses can streamline their data integration journey and meet their specific business needs. Our team of certified data experts helps companies maximise the potential of Azure Data Factory and ensure operational efficiency. We enable our customers to tackle the complexities of Big Data Integration.