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Azure data Analytics

Develop and integrate AI-based chatbots to streamline your business interactions.

Consulting services for Azure Data Platform

Discover Azure cloud service’s ever-expanding powers

Easy and efficient creation of an Azure data platform

Create chatbots with capabilities of machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics, and automation to modernize the way businesses interact with customers.

Data analytics provides insights and helps uncover new opportunities for an organisation. As a result, they can make smarter business decisions, gain more significant profits, and efficiently organise their operations. Organisations require a robust platform that enables them to manage their data and scale according to their needs to reap these benefits.

Stretch 365 harnesses Azure data & analytics to help its clients obtain better data analytics skills through training, education, and hands-on assistance. Our deep knowledge and expertise in migrating analytics and data workloads to the cloud enable organisations to innovate faster.

The technology stack aims to address IoT security end-to-end from three different perspectives:

Microsoft Office 365 is a communications suite that improves collaboration across your organisation. Through our partnership as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers, we help you profit from the full capabilities of Microsoft 365 by supporting its platform, driving higher consumption and providing superior guidance for its optimal use. customisations/7 monitors and support engineers cater to all our clients’ infrastructure, application, and end-user needs. Whether it’s infrastructure setup, migration, or training, our Microsoft-certified experts handle it all.

As an additional benefit, you can migrate from any platform to Office 365 without data loss or downtime with our Office 365 migration services.

Stretch 365's SharePoint developers help enterprises create a more collaborative and smart environment by providing SharePoint on-premises and on-cloud solutions.
We can develop SharePoint solutions that provide the following benefits:

Task fields typically encountered

Azure Sphere Microcontroller

  • Peripheral integration (GPIO, UART)
  • Integration with Azure IoT Hub
  • Connectivity to existing services
  • (In C) Device logic development

EMS and serial production

  • Providing in-factory bulk supplies
  • Device claims in mass
  • General delivery (“landed delivery”)
  • Line-ending testing
  • In-circuit testing

Data-driven digital transformation through IoT, AI, and analytics

Taking a platform-based approach to data programing

Envisioning workshop (1-2 days)

Develop and visualise the role that a current data and analytics platform can play in your organisation.

  • Provide clients with information about Azure database instances and data warehouses, etc.
  • Brainstorm to identify clients vision
  • Remove obstacles to migration planning

Pilot (4 weeks)

Establish a blueprint for enabling Azure data & analytics cloud services in your organisation.

  • Establishing migration blueprints, conducting architectural design sessions, etc.
  • Consider the remediation actions
  • Blocker guidelines

A move towards automating services delivery

Transitioning IT organisations to Managed Services involves:

  • Accountability and governance for cloud computing
  • Developing process maturity
  • A ready workforce