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Develop and integrate AI-based chatbots to streamline your business interactions.

Bot Frameworks Services by Stretch 365

Develop and integrate AI-based chatbots to streamline your business interactions.

What if you had a bot that scaled automatically on demand?

Create chatbots with capabilities of machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics, and automation to modernize the way businesses interact with customers.

Stretch 365 provides bot development services that use all of the major bot frameworks. By combining language and syntax parsing, machine learning, and published APIs, we can build you bots that can be integrated with cloud-based apps and search engines.

Bots developed by our team can be integrated with multiple messaging apps, and our team is skilled in many programming languages, such as Node.js, Python, C# and more, since these are dynamic languages that usually have useful modules for integrating the bot with your preferred platform.

Our bot development service includes:

Do you have trouble choosing between AI-powered bots and rule-based bots?

Building an adaptive chatbot for your business in 4 steps

By connecting to multiple messaging platforms, providing a bot builder SDK, and providing a bot directory, the Microsoft Bot Framework lets you develop and deploy highly advanced bots for enriching your users’ conversations.

Bot building blocks

Using the chat emulator or the SDKs for Node.js, C#, NET or REST.

Choose a bot

Look at the Bot Directory to find a bot that provides you with an outstanding user experience.

Increasing connectivity

Adding communication channels to your bot can improve your relationship with users.

Create a human-like intelligence

Introducing LUIS technology to let your bot understand, interpret, and see just like humans.

Quick response rate

Chatbots can act swiftly upon customers' interests and gather data and insights to create better engagement with customers.

Tailored experiences

Customers can be identified by chatbots to be provided with a tailored experience based on their preferences.

Make informed decisions with data

By simulating human conversations, chatbots gather relevant data about users for improved data-driven insights.

Developing bots frameworks & platforms

Choose the one that’s best for you with our help.

Microsoft Bot Framework – perfect for building enterprise bots

There are ten channels supported by Microsoft, including Direct Line (which provides an API to connect your application with the bot). Therefore, the framework is a great choice for enterprise bots that need to be deployed across multiple channels quickly. You can access these channels:

AI assistants that provide valuable insights into your customer's behaviour from IBM

IBM’s platform gives you the capability to create a bot equipped with natural language understanding easily. It can create a chatbot that interacts with data in a conversational way to get answers you understand through data discovery, automated predictive analytics, and cognitive capabilities such as natural language. Through Watson’s Natural Language Processing framework, the text is analyzed to extract keywords, categories, entities, concepts, relations, and other meta-data about the content.

A perfect solution for Oracle ERP users

If you would like to extend or support the Oracle EBusiness Suite or other Oracle ERPs, the Oracle Framework is the best option. It is capable of building and running bots on many modern messaging apps for users and enterprises alike.

For organizations that value collaboration, Slack is the best tool

You can integrate and deploy full-featured Slack bots using Node.js, Python, C#, and other webhooks that control the outgoing and incoming messages. Likewise, you can incorporate specific actions into bots through Slash commands. This directory shows how bots can be found and provisioned.

BotFather – Telegram's framework for interactions with big data

A bot’s interaction with the user and functionality can be easily implemented with the Telegram framework’s commands, APIs, and mechanisms. The BotFather allows users to control all the different bots available across multiple platforms. If you want to find information/documents in a central repository, but there is a large amount of data, Telegram is the perfect alternative.

When it comes to B2C bots, Facebook is undoubtedly the best option.

A Messenger Bot can run on Messenger and be integrated with the Wit.AI Conversation Analysis and Natural Language Processing platform. In Facebook Messenger, you can implement webhooks to receive events, learn business logic, and add visual UI controls to improve the bot’s user experience.

You can easily add NLP capability to your bots with Kik

Developers can build bots on Kik’s messaging platform to engage their customers effectively using the Kik Bot Rest API, an emerging chat platform. Integrating with Kik will allow you to create bots quickly and easily.

What drives Microsoft Bot

Framework’s success