Stretch 365

PowerApps COE

Develop and integrate AI-based chatbots to streamline your business interactions.

Centre of Excellence

At Stretch 365, we understand that industrialising Power Platforms can seem like a mammoth task. We have helped organisations build streamlined processes, engagement front doors, delivery models, support models and have pre-canned apps & workflows to manage your demand pipelines. We can help you get set up in no time. 

Operating Model

We use the CoE starter kit to evaluate your current position and determine your ongoing work objectives. The kit is a foundation for developing and tailoring the platform to your organisation’s needs. Within this framework are tools to help identify available resources, automate the management of those resources, and provide analytics. To foster innovation within your organisation, this operating model uses realistic guardrails to ensure that the maker’s creativity can flourish while allowing you to gather valuable information.

Deployment Strategies

Together, we will tailor a strategy that is most appropriate for your needs. A robust approach will be used in the drafting of the strategy, which includes the following steps:

  • Establish goals and expectations that the organisation defines.
  • Activate the COE kit and configure it. Begin understanding the adoption of Power Platform and the metrics associated with your tenant once the product is installed.
  • Develop organisational policies, procedures, and compliance requirements that are appropriate for your organisation.
  • Integrate the Nurture component, which helps driving Non-IT staff to “Maker” status.
  • Lastly, iterate. Installing the COE starter kit is not just a one-time process. Over time, it will adapt to suit the needs of your organisation as your adoption increases.

Stretching your investments

Taking care of the complete package from the initial strategy through finished application support, Stretch 365’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) optimises your Power Platform investment. We offer a wide range of offerings to meet the needs of your business, whether you are adding skills to your organisation or implementing complete solutions. In addition to project management, governance and business planning, we offer IT and business consulting. You have access to a broad set of resources and services with a 12-month retainer agreement customised according to your specific needs.

Popular use cases

  • Guidance: Infrastructure governance,  program strategy, data architecture and rationalisation.
  • Innovation: Take advantage of Hackathon sessions and Stretch 365’s R&D capabilities.
  • Assistance: optimise the platform’s ongoing use for new releases.
  • Develop and review apps, and implement full-service solutions.
  • Get expert support addressing your needs in areas of setup development, architecture, data, and reporting.